Blueberry Banana Muffin by Coastal Clouds Sweets – 60ML


Coastal Clouds’ Sweets Blueberry Banana Muffin eJuice pulls these oven-baked delights straight from a man on Drury Lane and directly sends them toward your tank. Never feel like the person who takes the last one, because this exquisite blend has no final call attached to it. This blueberry and banana vape juice brings baskets worth of the crumbly food that comes with clouds’ worth of sharing. If your main concern with these soft and pastry-like delights is that you always want more than one, then this banana and blueberry muffin vape juice will keep the flavour and fun rolling until you’re done. Whether you think breakfast should never end or you like the taste of these fruits at all times of the day, this banana and blueberry vape juice will have your snack set for you.

Does not contain nicotine.

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