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Vape Vendor is one of the finest online vape batteries vendors in Sydney, offering a variety of genuine high-quality, inexpensive vape batteries.

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We are always checking on the quality and safety of our goods, which is why we have innovated in accordance with the standard requirements in order to give you clearly labelled batteries that have been tested to the highest industry standards. No matter if you’re searching to purchase vape batteries, a battery charger, or simply a basic battery case, we have a large selection of items for you in Sydney.

What Are Our Batteries Made Up Of?

Our Built-in or replaceable vape batteries are usually always made of lithium-Ion batteries. Lithium-ion batteries were selected because they are rechargeable, portable, and have previously been shown to be successful with conventional electronics of many shapes and sizes. These vape batteries will give the power your kit requires to convert E-Liquid into vapour, and several models have been developed to meet the specific demands of different vape devices on the market.

What Are Built-in Vape Batteries?

Built-in vape batteries are the more straightforward choice for vape kits and mods, and they are available in a broad range of devices that are suitable for vapers of all skill levels. A mod with an integrated battery eliminates the need to purchase additional vape batteries or a specialised charger, instead allowing you to charge the device with a USB connection. Simple built-in batteries have their limits— if they run out of power, your device will power off until it is recharged. Eventually, all rechargeable batteries will lose their ability to be recharged, and since they are unable to be removed, you will need to purchase a new device in its entirety.

What Are Removable External Vape Batteries?

Unlike built-in batteries, removable vape batteries have none of the drawbacks that come with using them permanently. When a detachable battery runs out of charge, it may be easily changed with another, allowing you to continue using your kit without interruption, if necessary, it is simple to always have a backup battery on hand. Even though these power sources are quite adaptable, it is strongly recommended that you buy a charger, some vape devices do not have batteries included, and you will need to purchase the batteries and charger separately.

What Do We Aim to Provide?

In order to give the future vaper or the veteran with an informed and fast online buying experience, Vape Vendor was established to provide you with the best products online. Our team understands that vaping may seem to be complicated; thus, from the beginning, we made it our purpose to educate customers by providing easily digestible information and a carefully selected selection of goods that we know you can rely on.

At our online store, we take great satisfaction in offering our customers the biggest online selection of vape items such as vape kits, vape batteries, E-liquid and much more across Sydney and its surrounding areas, as well as Australia. The simplest single flavour E-Liquids to the most sophisticated complex mixes of premium juice — and everything in between — may be found here, as well as the most basic starting kits and the most advanced customisations. Every product we offer has gone through a rigorous due diligence procedure to verify that it is of the highest possible quality and safety standards. It is our policy not to stock items that we would not be glad to use ourselves. When a customer decides to transition to vaping, they are making the choice to choose a considerably less dangerous alternative to smoking. The shift to a new product is not always straightforward and deciding on the product that will work best for you may be overwhelming at the start, and that’s where we can help you.

Service to Customers: We’re Always Here to Help!

At Vape Vendor, our customer care representatives are always glad to talk with you in person, over the phone, by email, or whichever method you want to communicate with us. Not only that, but we’re always pleased to assist you in any way we can — whether you have a general question about vaping, having trouble deciding on a product, or want assistance on anything vape-related, we’re here to help you out!

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